About Us

Sarmini Jewellers craft custom jewellery from beautifully rare items sourced from Italy, Armenia, Syria, Turkey, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Nepal, Thailand, India and more. Every piece has a story. Every piece is a part of the owner’s life. At Sarmini Jewellers, all of this is an affordable luxury. 

Sarmini Jewellers is borne of my experience in art, design and honing my craft in jewellery workshops crafting unique pieces throughout the world from the markets of Aleppo, Syria to the Grand Bazaar of Istanbul and now today in the beautiful QVB.

My design is rich in colourful gemstones and uses an array of old artisan techniques that I spent decades learning and honing with my hands and imagination.

When I first came to Australia from Syria and Turkey 6 years ago, I walked the city, absorbing the atmosphere - a glittering harbour, cosmopolitan bars and friendly crowds. My breath was taken away by the QVB. A heritage building that has been so faithfully maintained and still after so many years, is the heartbeat of the nation’s largest city.

This mix of heritage, modern influence and bustling warmth felt perfect to me.  I am inspired by it and the community here every day in my work. 

To me, to give joy is to show someone that you know who they are, and what makes them smile. When I have the opportunity to craft a piece of jewellery for a customer I know I am on this journey with them and nothing makes me happier. 

A special piece of jewellery often marks a moment in time. A milestone, an event, or a feeling. We want you to mark those moments in time with treasures for a lifetime.

We want people to feel joy, connection and to feel beautiful when they wear their unique piece from Sarmini Jewellers.

We hope you enjoy exploring our timeless and unique pieces. And please do get in touch if you would like to talk about creating something special that you can’t already see here. 

Ayman Sarmini